SOP’s to Combat Covid-19

  • We welcome you once again with the same warmth you are accustomed to at Fahrenheit and look forward to seeing you soon. We assure you that we will deliver the unique unparalleled experience that you have come to call your second home.
  • Your safety is of paramount importance to us and to ensure your protection from the Coronavirus, the Team at Fahrenheit has put together an Operating Procedure to be followed by our entire Team and Guests.
  • Temperature and Oxygen Levels of the entire Team at Fahrenheit are recorded on a daily basis, at the time of entry and also at the time of exit from the Hotel.
  • The Fahrenheit Team ensures that every member wears a Face Mask, Face Shield (Front Office), Head Covering and Hand Gloves with hand sanitization happening at regular intervals.
  • All Fresh Produce is thoroughly washed with Food Grade Sanitizer before it is used for cooking. The entire cooking process happens without touching the food directly (use of food grade hand gloves at all times).
  • We have added additional layers of protection to our Water Filtration System to ensure that the water used for cooking and drinking is absolutely safe.
  • Every seating space is instantly sanitized in front of your eyes before you occupy the space.
  • The crockery and cutlery to be placed on your table is sanitized in a UV Sterilizer just before the table is laid out .
  • Upon arrival all guests must sanitize their hands at the Front Office. The Temperature and Oxygen Level is recorded for every guest, every time they re-enter the property.
  • In addition to the Fahrenheit Team, it is mandatory for all guests to wear face masks in public areas at all times and sanitize their hands at the conveniently located sanitization stations every time they cross it.
  • In the unfortunate event any guest feels unwell during their stay, we will ensure that immediate medical attention is given to the person.
  • We request your sincere cooperation to follow the mentioned procedure. Together we can ensure safety and protection for all of us.
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